Rand’s Racial Outreach, Ctd

In the wake of Rand Paul’s trip to Howard, TNC provides constructive criticism:

If you are a libertarian and dismayed by the largely critical reaction to Paul’s speech, you should understand that much of it is because black liberals, like me, actually expect more of Rand Paul than we expected of Mitt Romney. Again, a lot of us have family whose politics are not very different from Rand Paul’s. These are people who don’t like foreign wars, who don’t like our incarceration rates, and don’t like our deficit.

These people are not me. But the fact that we end up voting for the same guy is a distortion of democracy. We deserve to fight it out. Having that fight doesn’t require the GOP to fully embrace Obamacare. It requires the GOP to stop attempting to limit the number of people who are voting, and start competing for them. At this moment, the GOP has a choice. It can embrace the “Gifts” logic of Mitt Romney which holds that black people will never vote for a Republican, or it can make a pitch and compete.

Expecting more is a good thing. Better still would be a franker conversation between African-Americans who see what TNC sees and Republicans actually willing to listen. Maybe Howard was just the beginning of that conversation. My only hope is that it isn’t the end.