A Natural Solution To Bed Bugs

It’s been rediscovered in pre-war scholarship:

For years, people in Eastern Europe’s Balkan region have known that kidney bean leaves trap bedbugs, sort of like a natural fly paper. In the past, those suffering from infestations would scatter the leaves on the floor surrounding their bed, then collect the bedbug-laden greenery in the morning and destroy it. In 1943, a group of researchers studied this phenomenon and attributed it to microscopic plant hairs called trichomes that grow on the leaves’ surface to entangling bed bug legs. They wrote up their findings in “The action of bean leaves against the bedbug,” but World War II distracted from the paper and they wound up receiving little attention for their work.

After doing new tests based on the old report, researchers have confirmed the leaves’ effectiveness and are already trying to fabricate synthetic surfaces that mimic their entrapping properties. Video demonstration here.