The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew tore into Bill Keller’s latest excuses for refusing to print the word ‘torture,’ reluctantly voiced potential support for Hillary in 2016, and sighed at the ongoing clout of the gun lobby. He speculated on the political intrigue behind the immigration bill, paused to listen to New Zealand’s parliament erupt into song over marriage equality, gave credit to the military men who helped fellow runners in Boston. He also talked blogging on a GigaOM panel with Andrew Ross Sorkin and Maria Popova.

We tried to keep track of today’s media derp over Boston, Alexis set vigilante investigators on Reddit straight, and we awed at the strength of those injured in the bombing and the hospitals that took them in. Later, we gathered reflections on the proper reaction to this kind of terrorism while Greenwald pleaded for more global empathy.

In other political coverage, a gay reader seriously considered throwing in with the GOP, Yglesias made a second pass over the flawed Reinhart-Rogoff report and Susan Porter doubted the effectiveness of anti-bully laws. Washington residents said yes to pot legalization as we took a trip to the marijuana farmer’s market. We tipped our hats to the news crew that won this year’s Pulitzer for national reporting, took note of Lady Thatcher’s funeral proceedings, and Jerry Coyne disapproved of patenting genomes. Daniel Pipes actually recommended we fund mass murderer Bashar al-Assad while Ford Vox encouraged a hi-tech check on health care acquired infections.

In assorted coverage, a reader and eyewitness to the Boston bombing shared a flash of levity from that day, while another shared sorrow. Readers asked Rod Dreher about the toll of cancer treatment, Thane Rosenbaum said a good word for revenge, and Tara Clancy tore it up at the Moth. Cowen ran a thought experiment if our lights went out in middle age, we scanned the Louvre for secrets and leafed through Woody Guthrie’s sole attempt at fiction.

Elsewhere, we got up close and personal in a sketchy Cool Ad Watch and remembered an old folk remedy for bed bugs. Finally, we visited Lothersdale, England in the VFYW, witnessed the power of lighting in the MHB, and stared down the barrel of a gun at the Face of the Day.