Dissent Of The Day


A reader under lockdown in Brookline writes:

A religious war? Who really knows? These two remind me more of the Columbine killers than jihadis. Angry, mentally ill, alienated, disaffected, frustrated – some combination of all that – turning to religion to justify their will to anger and destruction, as opposed to turning to violence out of religious zeal.

That photo of the younger one, in the white hat, turning the corner after the second bomb went off behind him – it’s chilling. They’d lived here for years. They wanted to kill their neighbors. I’m not surprised they didn’t leave town. This was personal. And they have brought the whole city to a standstill in their final stand. What more power could two otherwise inconsequential, marginal men hope to wield?

This evidence suggests that kind of profile may well be part of the mix here:

The [car-jacked] driver, who was released unharmed on Memorial Drive, told police that the brothers had bragged to him that they were the marathon bombers, law enforcement authorities said.

And they were forcing him to stop at ATMs to get cash? After a stick-up at a 7/11? Why did they need money rather than merely fleeing?