Learning From Boston

Memorials And Sunday Services Held In Honor Of Boston Bombing Victims

We decided to take a break from Boston bombing coverage over the weekend to gain some more perspective (and catch our breath). I’m with Goldblog on the dangers of media over-reach playing into terrorists’ hands:

I wrote earlier about resilience, about the need to move on as quickly as possible from terrorist incidents. To put it even more bluntly: The important thing for a society to do is to discourage wallowing. I’m not sure the American media will cooperate in this. Overdramatizing already dramatic events is a particular strength of ours, and milking these events of every ounce of emotion guarantees good ratings.

And that also goes for pageviews – the need for which obviously prepared the path for some of the lower media moments of last week.

(Photo: Boston Police Department Superintendent William Evans (C) and Kevin Buckley (L) attend mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on the first Sunday after the Boston Marathon bombings on April 21, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Mass honored the victims of the bombings and subsequent manhunt as well as first responders. By Mario Tama/Getty Images,)