Beautiful Mistakes

Navneet Alang unscrambles glitch art:

[Artist Phillip] Stearns’ Year of the Glitch blog is full of examples of images he and others have either deliberately distorted or simply discovered. It all seems a bit discombobulating at first, but spend enough time gazing at the images, and even something like a looped glitch in Psy’s “Gangnam Style” takes on significance. It’s almost uncanny in the way Freud meant the term: lingering just under the surface is the repressed thing, sinister and threatening.

Why it resonates:

What we often want from art is imprecision. Maybe this is why there has been some skepticism about the digital. It can feel like the binary system of computer language would never give us the space and ambiguity we so desire. But glitch art feels like the poetry of technology. … And in a world in which many would use digital tech to try to make everything “perfect”—from Photoshopped faces to fastidiously tracked diets—celebrating the electronic error might be a fittingly human response.