Real Islamophobia


Not a criticism of the doctrines and their real-world impact, say, on the welfare of women. But broad-brush prejudice against Muslims as a whole, at home and abroad. Dan Hopkins, Danny Hayes, and John Sides examine how non-Muslim-Americans see Muslims and Muslim-American:

[O]n average these respondents rated both Muslims and Muslim-Americans as more violent than peaceful and as more untrustworthy than trustworthy. Put in percentage terms, 45 percent of respondents placed Muslim-Americans on the “violent” side of the scale, and 51 percent placed Muslims on this side of the scale. Given that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was an American citizen, it is notable that respondents do not appear to distinguish between Muslims and Muslim-Americans. Both groups are stereotyped in much the same way.

Thoreau proposes one way to combat these stereotypes:

Maybe CAIR should get rid of the warm, fuzzy spokespeople and replace them with a cranky old Chechen uncle whose response to any terrorist incident is “Buncha goddamn losers. Screw those guys. What, you think they teach that kind of bullshit in my mosque? Oh hell no. Screw those assholes. Seriously.”

Ambers’ view:

Bias against Muslims is real and it hurts. And the easiest way to radicalize un-radicalized people is to treat them like enemies.