The Daily Wrap

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Today on the Dish, Andrew fired back at Greenwald in debating the Boston bombers and jihadism, expounded on his view of Islam and modern terror, agreed with Beinart on the takeaway of the Tsarnaevs’ Caucasian identity and rolled his eyes at ongoing attempts to sidestep the religious explanation. Elsewhere, he unleashed further on Bill Keller’s editorial line on torture, and reflected on the changing significance of the question, “are you gay?” and happily noted that good content means good business.

In political coverage, we dove deep into the politics of immigration reform, revisited the Gulf oil spill and asked whether the FBI dropped the ball in Boston. On the eve of his presidential library opening, we took stock of George Bush’s apparent PR recovery and sensed some love lost between Dubya and his Vice. Barro set the record straight on workplace mortality, readers asked Steve Brill how hospitals turned into profit mills, we debated the politicization of the sequester. Finally, we considered whether citizenship should be up for bidding as Millennials turned out to be a generation in the passenger seat.

In miscellanea, readers responded to the masturbatory debate, we glimpsed a Matrix-esque rehab program, and Dish met Phish. Matt Honan grasped for a solution to misinformation on Twitter, Virginia Heffernan praised the Internet’s new language of looking, and Adam Alter illuminated the clout of color over our minds. Lisa Margonelli proved the eco-friendliness of living mobile as we tasted a stiff glass of enviro-whiskey.

We followed the longstanding blowback of bullying, Amy Benfer took apart love in The Little Prince, and Tom Junod dispensed wise words on how to sustain a marriage. Lastly we welcomed spring back with a beat in the MHB, spent a moment at a Muslim vigil in Boston for the Faces of the Day and peeked out at the Upper West Side in the VFYW.