The Legacy Of “Yellow Cake”

The Syrian government is denying reports that they have deployed chemical weapons against rebel groups:

[They add that] the United States lacks credibility. Obviously, that’s exactly what you would say if you has used chemical weapons on your own people, because no country would admit to such a horrific war crime. But the American history with foreign weapons of mass destruction also plays right into the Syrian strategy, as Information Minister Omran Al-Zoubi accused the U.S. of trying “to repeat the Iraq example.”

Obama was cautious at a press conference today:

The president said that while evidence suggested that chemical weapons were used in Syria – thereby crossing the “red line” Obama had established in the Syrian conflict – more details were needed, namely about who used those weapons, and when.

The neocons are being hoisted on their own Iraq petard. But the real difficulty is figuring out what we could do even if we wanted to. I see no scenario that doesn’t contain more risks than gains.