Does Anyone Need GLAAD Any More?

That’s a good question asked by Jamie Kirchick. It’s the organization – the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination – that polices the mass media for perceived anti-gay slights, awards those pro-gay media outlets who give it money, and occasionally engages in re-education camp rituals for people guilty of saying dumb or even – a worse sin – funny things about gays. Hence the horrifying punishment of a man like Brett Ratner being forced to atone in public – again and again and again – for a stupid joke using the word “fags” in a manner that was obviously not intentionally homophobic. Even the president of GLAAD conceded: “I believe he was never a homophobe, and I value all of his contributions and consider him a friend.” But that was after the forced confession, as part of a fundraising event. It made me physically sick.

As readers know, I cannot stand this pious policing of speech, especially when the culture has moved on so swiftly that it has made this kind of organization increasingly irrelevant. I long for the day when we can end the gay rights movement and get on with our lives, with formal equality under the law. I long for the day when HRC shuts its doors because its task is complete. And I think the last thing any journalist should do is receive an award from a special interest group – especially one that rewards a particular political stance on a divisive issue.

But the article was written by Jamie Kirchick, a young gay conservative whose core passion is the defense of Greater Israel and the stigmatization of those who disagree with him as anti-Semites. By his logic, it’s quite obvious the Anti-Defamation League should be shut down as well. American Jews are far further forward in public cultural acceptance than gays. How about it, Jamie? Tell Abraham Foxman to retire.