A Poem For Saturday


“In Oval Mirrors We Cruise Through Touch-Me-Nots” by Dara Wier:

How a plant’s leaves close in waves when I touch them causes me
To love them. Is this because their green reaction satisfies a desire
To move something or be moved by powers to change things?
An oxalis moves to face the sun. Without fail at sunset oxalis closes its
Leaves. It seems as if they are keeping secrets, secrets we need
To take with us if only they’d let us in on their deep purple missions.
And when bittersweet vines daily climb unlikely paths it’s to them I look
For guidance wherefore might I go as they thread like camels through a
Needle’s eye. What?  No. There are no camels on this page, there is no
Needle’s eye. I wonder whom I’m trying to fool. I wonder who’s listening.
Your voice turns my head in your direction. Your face closes behind your
Eyes’ sad shutters. Through their green slats vines fall to my feet. How
Carefully they begin to encircle my ankles, how tenderly they climb. By
Morning I’ll be hidden. You may or may not know me deep within them.

(From You Good Thing © 2013 by Dara Wier. Reprinted with permission of Wave Books and the author. Photo: “Oxalis debilis Kunth varietas corymbosa(DC.) Lourteig, 1981″ via Wikipedia)