The Internet Is For Marriage, Ctd

Digital courtship is booming and has helped marriage rates over time. Doug Mack describes navigating that world after getting googled by a girl he met online:

She had indeed found the Real Me. Read my bio, my stories. Miracle of miracles, she wanted to continue the conversation—and to make things even, she offered a link to her own blog: “Since I’m stalking you and read your website, I thought I ought to reciprocate.” …

The Maren of our first few dates was charmingly sarcastic yet also reserved, in a way that I knew to be a product of the newness of our budding relationship—but the “doofy” photos offered a different view, a more vivacious woman, forever laughing, her brown hair framing gleaming eyes, a study in carefree verve. Where the woman of the online profile and a few face-to-face meetings had been a captivating line drawing, the photos and blog posts added the shading and texture and depth—the fuller, richer image, the details that really matter.

They’re getting married this summer.