The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew put his foot down on Israeli airstrikes in Syria and the calls for US intervention. He went another round on the Boston bombers and Internet jihad, bringing in Anwar al-Awlaki’s shadowy role, and unpacked the dicey semantics of critiquing the AIPAC. Later on, Andrew picked apart the latest evidence implicating Rumsfeld’s deep involvement in the torture regime, weighed in on the debate of the Oregon State Report on Medicaid, answered readers who refused to accept Niall Ferguson’s apology on Keynes, and nodded at CNN’s interrogation of Howard Kurtz.

In political coverage , Moynihan trolled the jihadi web as we checked the status on potential drone courts and witnessed five defectors’ flight from North Korea. Readers dissented on Josh Fox’s work on fracking, we sized up the lighter carbon footprint of vegans and admired how younglings in India put their slum on the map. Bill Richardson earned a Moore Award Nomination for his remarks on Ted Cruz, we read an aggressively ominous Quote of the Day from a funeral in Kentucky, and a reader fact-checked Sean Trende on the Republican South. Elsewhere, we kept looking for a way to measure intoxication of the reefer and met the ghost of journalism’s future.

In assorted coverage, Steven Soderbergh justified art in a world of poverty and war, we surveyed the history of the undie advert and spied an ad that literally spoke straight to kids in the Cool Ad Watch. Ian Stansel found humanity in suburbia, Joyce Carol Oates reviewed Julian Barnes and we explored the glamorous façade of Sylvia Plath. We also searched for more apples fallen from the tree and choked on the dearth of restaurant reviews online. Meanwhile, Romain Jacquet-Lagreze gazed the sky between Hong Kong skyscrapers, zombie PSAs made for good health and safety tips­­, and we polled readers on the value of teaching kids cursive. Lastly, we shined a light on Imran Khan for the Face of the Day, witnessed a pitbull in suspended animation and watched the sun rise in Hof, Iceland in the VFYW.