And Now Delaware

It’s official – 11 states and the District of Colombia now have marriage equality (with Minnesota on the near horizon):

During the debate before the vote, Sen. Karen Peterson (D-Stanton) came out as gay, making her the first openly LGBT state lawmaker in Delaware.  “If my happiness somehow demeans or diminishes your marriage, you need to work on your marriage,” she said during floor remarks. The new law repeals the 1996 ban on marriage for same-sex couples.  Same-sex couples may begin marrying in Delaware on July 1, 2013. Delaware will no longer offer civil unions, but will recognize as marriages same-sex legal unions established in other jurisdictions.  Delaware-issued civil unions will automatically be converted to marriages on July 1, 2014.

The pace and proliferation of marriage equality victories these days can make yesterday’s news seem almost banal to people. As one reader put it:

I am very pleased to see little prominent mention of Delaware passing same sex marriage today on your blog or in the news media.  The idea that this could be a “non-event,” or at least a routine one,  is wonderful and sort of amazing given where we were even five years ago.

Indeed, the NYT gave it a minor placement on its homepage last night and the story currently has no presence. But we posted about its imminent passage yesterday morning, combined with news about Minnesota and Rhode Island. It’s still not banal for me – or for the couples who can finally know some modicum of civil equality.