The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew processed Stephen Hawking’s announced boycott of Israel, speculated about the reasons for its strike in Syria last week, and Butters called for a bigger footprint in the Mideast. He unpacked what we know about the Internet’s role in the Tsnarnaevs’ radicalization, shook his head at Cheney’s latest demagoguery over Benghazi, rationalized the latest Kinsley photobomb, and acknowledged the latest victory for marriage equality in Delaware.

In political coverage, we collected more shocking footage and photography of the plight of workers in Banglaldesh, Mike Crowley shot straight about the threat of al-Qaeda getting chemical weapons in Syria, and Max Fisher tracked South Korea’s 180 on relations with the US. We found that Independents are faulting the GOP for gridlock, Krugman beard-shamed his fellow economists, and Sean Trende emailed in after reader pushback on his take on the Republican South.

We crossed our fingers over some encouraging news about the slowdown in health care spending, Yglesias rolled his eyes at the Heritage’s new report on the costs of immigration reform and we corrected a faulty study on our trusty bus companies. Later we reviewed disturbing evidence of the military’s problem with sexual assault, and later heard from readers with experience. Readers asked Josh Fox about the property rights involved in the fracking game and ruminated on the news of Chris Christie’s operation while Washington’s flower thief pissed off one committed gardener.

In assorted coverage , Brett McKay leafed through the first guy’s mag, Theodore Dalrymple took a life lesson from Pooh’s friend Owl and said a word for our meme-ified heroes. S Abbas Raza pondered how consuming food is time consuming, Darwin Hamblin dug up Cold War-era concerns about man-made global warming, Gary Kelly presented Mary Wollstonecraft as a trailblazer for women in modernity. We provided a meme-based map of the US, readers kept up the debate over teaching cursive and reacted to unorthodox addiction treatment. Li Bingbing starred in the Face of the Day, we watched a sketchy kind of Street Fighter in the MHB and spent the afternoon in Juneau, Alaska for the VFYW.