The Skinny On Christie

The governor just revealed that he underwent a weight-loss procedure three months ago that wrapped a silicone band around his stomach. Marc Ambinder compares Christie’s operation to his own three years ago:

Christie chose the lap-band procedure because the open surgery, which has a slightly higher risk of death but fewer long-term complications, is more dangerous for the morbidly obese, although a good surgeon can mitigate the potential problems. Full gastric-bypass surgery is pretty much irreversible, while the gastric band can be adjusted. Bypass surgery leaves the stomach intact, but all food is digested elsewhere, which can make for some pretty interesting episodes in a restaurant. There are certain foods that I can’t eat, particularly those with high concentrations of sugar, and certain medicines, like aspirin, that will bore a hole in my intestines should I take them. Christie, in contrast, will be able to eat whatever he wants.

Ambers adds, “Perhaps he will bring to the Republican Party — as Mike Huckabee, the weight-struggling former governor of Arkansas did — a realism and sensitivity about the tragedy of obesity among younger Americans who have significant stress in their lives and few resources to combat it.”