The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew engaged readers over Hawking’s Israel boycott, considered the implications of Sanford’s SC victory, glimpsed the GOP’s 2016 strategy in the Benghazi hearings, and railed against the obstructionism on the right. He marveled at the Tao of Drudge, found an English deity in the Doctor, and blasted those who prevented the burial of Tamerlan Tsarnaev while a reader compared him to Lee Harvey Oswald.

In political coverage, we rounded up responses to the Benghazi hearing, the Right continued to reform, and Frum defended Heritage. Reihan pondered the possibility of a 2015 surplus as Minnesota joined the marriage equality movement and the Feds tried to contain 3D-printable guns. Steve Brill’s healthcare exposé yielded results, Simon Shuster tied the Boston bombers to radical Islamists, and Kevin Spacey and Steny Hoyer debated the cynicism of Washington. Climate change got its day in court, Skeptical Science provided us with one-line responses for climate deniers, and Ohio voters approved local fracking.

In assorted news and views, Veronique Greenwood examined sensory curiosities, we drew parallels between the venus flytrap and our brains, Meher Ahmad explored married couples who stayed together by living apart, and Randy Frost found beauty in hoarding. Wiretaps moved into the 21st century, Jon Ronson profiled Kim Dotcom the non-pirate, and tech worked its way into our family trees.

Elsewhere, Doug Wignall lauded architects as political heroes, Gideon Lewis-Kraus griped about Yelp, and Fallows recognized the elegance in yesterday’s Google doodle. Politico erected a paywall, Tim Park sought out translators’ heavy touches, and Brandon Connely remembered a stop-motion legend. We browsed a London art fair in the FOTD, visited Venezuela in the VFYW and took to the skies for a VFYW bonus, and Between Two Ferns brought monogamy to spring break in the MHB.