Old Koch In A New Bottle

You guessed it – sponsored content leads to the Koch brothers’ subsidizing a Buzzfeed night of debates on immigration reform. Like many libertarians, the Kochs are in favor of reform, and are now feeding Buzzfeed’s bottom line in a slightly more enmeshed way than simple advertizing. Event sponsorship is an old and perfectly legitimate, if slightly compromising, source of revenue for journalism. What’s a little worrying is that the Kochs came to Buzzfeed with the idea first. From Buzzfeed’s spokesperson:

We were looking to expand our BuzzFeed Brews series and wanted to do something like this summit for a while. The Koch Institute came to us and were thinking on the same wavelength about doing an event which felt serendipitous. Immigration was the right topic at the right time and we’re just happy it all came together.

The serendipity of it all!