Faulkner On Film

Mike Springer highlights an odd, fascinating documentary about William Faulkner:

In November of 1952, the normally reclusive Faulkner allowed a film crew into his secluded world at Oxford to make a short documentary about his life. The film, shown here in five pieces, was funded by the Ford Foundation and broadcast on December 28, 1952 on the CBS television program Omnibus. The scripted film re-enacts events from November 1950, when Faulkner received the Nobel Prize in Literature, through the spring of 1951, when he spoke at his daughter Jill’s high school graduation.

It turns out Faulkner was better on the page than the screen:

[T]he entire film is stiff and unrealistic. It’s a bit of a shock to see Faulkner, a master of the narrative form, going through the motions as a bad actor in a horribly written story about his own life. But any literary fan should be fascinated by this rare glimpse of the master at home on his own little postage stamp of native soil.

Watch the rest of the film here.