Should We Kill Cursive? Ctd

Another twist on the popular thread:

I have a perspective on cursive that may be shared by a sizable minority: left-handers.

It’s hard enough for us lefties to print, let alone to write in an “artistic” cursive style. In elementary school, handwriting lessons were downright traumatic for me. I had such a hard time following the precise loops and whorls, and connecting every letter in one continuous line was just impossible. Handwriting was the only subject I ever failed in school, and I failed it every single year in elementary school. To this day, I can concentrate hard enough to write maybe two words in cursive before I devolve into the hybrid chicken scratch that is my personal handwriting style.

What’s worse, I see this trauma being passed down through the generations in my family. My leftie father always wrote in block letters because he couldn’t write one word in cursive. Now I see my four-year-old, left-handed daughter struggling with printing and I worry about how she’ll deal with cursive.

I understand the readers who would miss the beauty of cursive, and feel that children shouldn’t learn only instrumental skills. But I would say this: We may want children to learn about and appreciate art, but it would be impractical and somewhat cruel to force every child to be able to paint a realistic, recognizable portrait. I second your previous reader: “Hell yeah, kill cursive.”