The War On Clinton Begins Again

A new ad from Karl Rove on Benghazi:

Tomasky Avlon analyzes:

This American Crossroads ad matters because of its unsubtle purpose: a pre-emptive strike against a potential Clinton presidential campaign in 2016. Remember that through 2008, Clinton was widely considered the most polarizing figure in American politics. The days of Hillary as Republicans’ favorite member of the Obama cabinet are over.

Yes, that period in which Fox News treated the Clintons as the “good Democrats” ended, for some reason, with the re-election of Obama. Go figure. Pete Spiliakos sees the ad as a waste of money:

[T]he ad is a waste as anything other than a reminder (to donors) of the existence of American Crossroads. It is basically an attack ad for a presidential campaign that is three years in the future against a person who might well not be the Democratic nominee. You can imagine such an ad possibly making a difference if this week’s Benghazi hearing had taken place in October 2016. The idea that this is somehow shaping the political environment of 2016 or 2014 is absurd. By that time, I doubt any persuadable voter is going to be thinking “Must vote against the Democrats because of something something Benghazi.”

I don’t know. What we have on the right right now is a confluence of delusions buoyed by an unending fuel of rage. There are sane, nice Americans out there whom Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh have persuaded by daily carpet-bombing. But I have to say this ad seems like over-reach to me. It gives the Democrats a very good reason to argue that all of this Benghazi brouhaha is really about the 2016 general election, after it was all about the 2012 election. It failed last time. It will fail again – unless you consider Butters’ avoiding a primary challenge a success.

But look how they love to demonize her. And note how the clip fastens on the moment that Clinton lost her cool. The right knows they can do to Hillary what they cannot do to Obama: get under her skin.