Uncandid Camera

This video, understandably, went viral last week:

As you might have guessed, the video was probably staged. David Haglund asks:

[I]s such fakery OK? A year ago, after Mike Daisey’s fabrications in a This American Life story about Apple factories in China came to light, we examined how much lying people are generally willing to accept from various kinds of storytellers. (See the resulting infographic below.) Two things we learned would seem to apply here. First, when humor’s involved, people grant a lot more latitude. David Foster Wallace’s unacknowledged use of composite characters in his very funny pieces for Harper’s and elsewhere disappointed some people, but it has not really besmirched his reputation. David Sedaris fictionalizes his “nonfiction” considerably, and yet when this is pointed out, most people shrug.

The second relevant lesson is that people seem to hold writing to a higher standard than storytelling on screen or on a stage. Comedians say that things happened to them just the other day that have never happened to anyone on any day. Nobody minds.