Embracing The Suck

At some point, when tackling completely new models of form and content and business in journalism becomes exhausting, you just let go and try to enjoy it. Here’s Ann Friedman’s advice to young journalists:

Chaos is good for creativity. When traditional paths to professional success are closed, those of us who love journalism so much we’d never give up altogether are forced to redefine success—and our methods of seeking it. Luckily, at a moment when everyone is hungry for new models and solutions, there are more ways to gather and disseminate the news than ever before.

Here’s a little secret: Even if I’m wrong and it’s not the best moment, we’d all be well-served to operate as if it is. Because you know what? The old models aren’t coming back. Lamenting the death of classifieds and display advertising and annual subscribers isn’t serving anyone. The sooner journalists start seeing disruption and technology as opportunity, the better off we’ll all be.