Syria’s Descent Into Hell

From the NYT’s description of the murder scene above:

This graphic video posted online shows 20 members of one family, including nine children, said to have been killed by government forces in al-Bayda, a village in the Baniyas district. Rebels said the government killed at least 322 Sunnis in Baniyas last week, and hundreds are missing. This video shows dead women and children in a darkened room. One woman’s body is surrounded by five children, while another woman’s head slumps back, a baby on her shoulder. The cameraman repeats, “Oh God, oh God.”

Meanwhile, one of the rebel commanders is in another video making the rounds. I’ll let Human Rights Watch describe it:

“The figure in the video cuts the heart and liver out of the body and uses sectarian language to insult Alawites [Assad’s minority sect]. At the end of the video [the man] is filmed putting the corpse’s heart into his mouth, as if he is taking a bite out of it.” Hamad, also known as Abu Sakkar, said he also had video footage of himself using a saw to cut a Shabiha government militiaman into “small and large pieces”.

They are so proud of these atrocities they film them for bragging rights! The indiscriminate violence committed by Assad is more widespread and more lethal than the rebels’. He bears most of the responsibility for this horrifying Hobbesian world. But the opposition forces are degenerating fast as well.

I ask myself of those who committed these atrocities: if I were president, who would I back to be the next ruler of Syria? The question, tragically, answers itself. Neither.