Gaza’s Fried Chicken Smugglers

This story about getting KFC into Gaza, first reported by Xinhua, went viral last week:

Paul Mutter wishes the Israeli blockade of Gaza was more prominently mentioned:

According to the Canadian International Development Agency, 50% of the strip’s population is considered “food insecure.” While that number may be lower now, especially with the easing of bans on food imports, but it is still significant that food insecurity exists – just because people are not starving to death in the streets does not mean poor nutrition is less of a problem; developmental deficiencies, chronic illness and stunting are all consequences of food insecurity. Moreover, one of Ariel Sharon’s top aides reportedly said that the 2006–2010 ban on importing certain foodstuffs was meant to put the Palestinians on a “diet” by setting a “calorie limit.” Starvation was not the goal; “economic warfare” was. “Such an artless admission of the use of food as means to control a population is rare,” dryly noted a report prepared for the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

At least, one hopes that this context is remembered, as it is getting dropped out of all the summaries accounts other sites have posted in order to generate hits on the reporting.