Sliming Jon Karl

The ABC News reporter is a “right-wing mole“? Please. Yes, Jon Karl came into journalism via the Collegiate program to bring more conservatives into the MSM. Personally, I think that’s a good thing. When he and I were at TNR together, I saw nothing in him but good sense, good humor, and ambition. And the alleged sins of Karl are extremely petty – and designed to pile on after his regurgitation of Republican summaries of emails that were, shall we say, slanted a little. But Jon apologized for being a little suckered and has always, so far as I can see, been a fair-minded reporter.

Yes, he’s not a left-liberal which means he may choose stories or emphases that liberals wouldn’t. But isn’t that a good thing? And isn’t it even better that a single MSM news source can include reporters of varying opinions and hold them all to the same standard?