Wrap RIP

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A resounding Yes from readers – only 9 percent of this polled say they read the Daily Wrap on a regular basis and only 14 percent find the Weekend Wrap useful. One writes:

It’s a nice feature but if it takes away from you doing better things, it’s not worth it. If other subscribers can’t be troubled to scroll through the Dish, they’ve got other problems.

About a third of polled readers are the same page as this one:

The Daily Wrap is the Dish’s equivalent of those “We now conclude our broadcast day” messages that TV stations used to air, back in the days when TV stations actually went off the air. It basically says to me, “Don’t bother checking your RSS feeds again until tomorrow morning.”

Another suggests an alternative:

Now that you mention it, The Daily Wrap takes the diffuse, webby, bloggy feel of your work and tries to hammer it into four or five tidy paragraphs, which was a neat feat at first, but now seems strangely redundant.  The day’s work becomes a motley heap of curios, like Harper’s Index.  Sounds like it’s not worth the effort anymore.

But how about a Daily Mash?  Something that takes the day’s (or week’s) posts and stitches them together in a new graphic form? Whether it’s simple like a word cloud or some new, artful link collage, I like the idea of a routine playful, mash-up of your work.

Another gets closer to what we’ve been considering:

I LOVE the re-posting that you have done recently.  For example, I was offline last night and a good portion of the early morning.  So, I would have missed the Peggy Noonan post and I really want to see that damn post. So, I like the reposting of selected stuff and I think you should do more. Maybe that’s the solution to the Daily Wrap.  I rarely read it – the only time I EVER do is when I want to find a post from the prior week – but since you have a decent search feature.

Another suggestion:

You could pick a stand-out video/image, and an automated list linking to the top-3 read, or “read-on”-ed, articles of the day – similar to the “Most-Read” tabs on most major news sites, but posted once at the end of the day.


Why not end the day with a post containing the headlines and a link to the day’s posts?  That way, a reader trying to keep up with a thread (“Racism in the World, Ctd”) or a particular feature (VFYW, Face of the Day, etc) would have a simple navigation tool to catch up on a day away from the Dish.

And another:

Why not replace it with an automated index of the day’s stories? Since you are using WordPress, this would be a very easy thing to program, and that way you solve two problems at the same time (your time input, which goes to almost zero, and reader usefulness, which stays rather high).

One of a handful of readers defending the status quo:

I was shocked to read that you’re considering nixing the Daily (and Weekly?) Wrap, and that such a large majority want it gone, according to the poll when I took it earlier today. I admit I haven’t used it much recently, though still a little bit, but the Weekly Wrap was especially helpful when I was in South Africa for two years with the Peace Corps. I didn’t have any Internet connection at site, but I did get to go into Polokwane, the provincial capital of Limpopo, once a week. So on Saturdays, I would have a three to four hour block of Internet time, during which I would read through the Weekly Wrap, select the stories I was interested in, save the pages on my desktop, and read the articles throughout the week. I know this isn’t the case for a majority of your readers, but maybe at least the Weekly Wrap is worth keeping for your less than well-connected readers.