The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #155

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A reader writes:

We’ve crossed that bridge several times on our way from Paris to a small village in SW France where we like to stay. Beautiful. Just got back from NYC, so didn’t see this until this morning. If the 12 noon deadline is eastern time, I missed it.


Beylerbeyi, Turkey? That’s the Bosphorus Bridge that connects Europe and Asia.  I’m just guessing that the pic is from the Asian side.


Istanbul? I’m only making this guess because of the bridge in the background, which I think might be the Bosphourus Bridge.  Looking at a map of the area, I would guess this picture is taken from the Symbola Bosphourus Hotel.

Another Istanbul guesser:

This is as far as I’m going to get.  It’s taken from the European side, north of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. But I’ve spent altogether too long on this, and I can’t get good enough resolution on Google Earth to figure out exactly where. First time try.  I’m betting that you’ll have lots of correct results on this one.


Hong Kong? I believe that’s the Tsing Ma Bridge in the background.


I suspect this one was too easy, if for no other reason than I was able to get a view for the first time. The bridge looked a lot like the second and newer Narrows Bridge near Tacoma, WA, but the first bridge wasn’t in the picture and nothing else matched. I looked up the list of suspension bridges on image004Wikipedia, considered and rejected the Mackinac Bridge and one of the Bosporus Bridges in Turkey, and then took a closer look at the third bridge of the right color and style and saw that it had Chinese writing on the crossbar which was also visible (though previously unnoticed) on the view.

Then it’s just a matter of looking at the Jiangyin Bridge on Google Maps, confirming the view (which took seconds), and then trying to narrow down the exact window. It looks like it’s on the property of the Huangjia Sheraton Hotel, in Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China. It almost looks like the view is too close to be in the main body of the hotel, which could place it on the wall that extends from the building, but it also looks to be above ground level so I’m going to say it’s in the hotel but zoomed in to foreshorten the view. I can’t find a map of the hotel itself and so from there it’s a guess. Let’s say 4th floor of the hotel, facing north-northeast, roughly as shown in the following images.

Jiangyin, China it is. Almost all of the 200 readers who participated this week answered Jiangyin, making this contest probably the easiest one yet. Another:

The suspension bridge towers in the distance gave a me something to work with.  It looked like the bridge could be of some scale.  I googled “largest suspension bridges” and came across this YouTube video highlighting the ten largest:

The Jiangyin Bridge was listed at #6 and immediately looked promising with the blue main cables and white towers with characters on the lower cross beam of the tower.  The bridge, which apparently has a 1,385 meter main span constructed by Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company (U! S! A!) completed in 1999, crosses the Yangtze River, connecting the northern and southern parts of Jiangsu province.

Great post from YangziMan here with historical details and photos from the area. Construction apparently completed in 2010; the current Google Maps satellite image looks to be mid-construction on the western half of the main building.  I was able to figure out that the building pictured in the foreground, which Starwood describes as “European Baroque” architecture, is the hotel’s VIP tower. If you go to this link and click on the picture shown then go to Image 2 of 2, I’m guessing that the photo was taken from a window on the 4th, 5th or 6th floor of the hotel near or above the head of the woman in gray and black seventh in from the right.

More readers try to guess the correct floor:

Most weeks I look at the photo and figure I’ll never get it.  Other weeks I think I have a shot, but don’t find anything conclusive after looking for a little while.  On this rainy Saturday afternoon, I’ve finally found my first window. This is Jiangyin, China.  The photo was taken from the Sheraton Tianjin Hotel from approximately the spot indicated in the attached image looking toward the Jiangyin Bridge over the Yangtze River:


I’m going to guess it’s from the 3rd floor.  I’m sure someone will come up with the exact room number, but that’s beyond my meager skills.  Go ahead and give the book to the guy who proposed to his wife on the pretty bridge in the foreground.  I’m happy enough knowing I finally got one.


Oh my gosh I got one! I guess those hours on Geoguessr are paying off!

A visual guess from a previous winner:

VFYW Jiangyin Aerial with Marked Insert - Copy

Another reader:

How addictive is the VFYW contest?  My wife and I put off starting the new season of Arrested Development to work on it.

Another visual guess:


Another reader:

This is so cool! Hotel staff from the Sheraton in China actually responded to my email! I think that is so neat! I had already sent my VFYW answer in yesterday, but I’d like to add this additional detailed location info! Photo likely taken from 6 or 7th floor, from Block A Garden View rooms. Still hoping for a mention or dare I hope, a win … but getting a note from a woman on the other side if planet Earth helping a complete stranger guess was fun, in and of itself!

Another previous winner sends a visual guess of the correct floor:


Another reader:

Best bet of room location is west wing, 7th floor, probably Sheraton Club level, room 7035. I’m getting better at this each week so thought I would start entering.

The 7th floor it is – room 7028 to be exact. Of the half-dozen readers to guess the correct floor, the one who has participated in the highest number of contests so far (15) gets the tie-breaker this week:

Yay! A pleasantly easyish one. The suspension bridge took me straightish to it. It’s from a window in the Sheraton Jiangyin Hotel, Jiangyin 214400, China. I’m guessing lots of people will get this one, so I’m going with the 7th floor. I’ve never been to China, so I have no cute China stories. I don’t even live in a city with a China Town. I did visit China town in San Francisco when I was five. I remember getting to pick one souvenir, and I picked a small tool set. Yay!