The Inferior Medium? Ctd

Samuel L channels his inner Walter White:

A reader writes:

Here’s a modified version of that Leibovitz rant to show how absurd it is:

In stage narrative, any stage narrative, the commandments are few and simple: Something must always be happening, for otherwise there would be little reason to return to the theatre; and whatever’s happening must happen on stage, for this is a visual medium, and a scene of Oedipus brooding in the agora isn’t quite as gratifying as a scene of Oedipus returning with his eyes pecked outAthenian new technologies, and the gluttonous theatre going habits they’ve created, have given the medium some more room to play, to build, as it were, character. But the primary principles still apply: To keep us amused, a play, any play, has to parade a quick succession of spectacles, far exceeding the scope of thrills and woes that befall any ordinary or extraordinary person in real life. That’s the nature of entertainment.

Yep, that hack Sophocles never amounted to nothin’.