A Poem For Saturday

“Three Graces” by William Carlos Williams:

dish_Rippl_Woman_in_Paris_with_Purple_ScarfWe have the picture of you in mind,
when you were young, posturing
(for a photographer) in scarves
(if you could have done it) but now,
for none of you is immortal, ninety-
three, the three, ninety and three,
Mary, Ellen, and Emily, what
beauty is it clings still about you?
Undying? Magical? For here is still
no answer, why we live or why
you will not live longer than I
or that there should be an answer why
any should live and whatever other
should die. Yet you live. You live
and all that can be said is that
you live, time cannot alter it–
and as I write this Mary has died.

(Image: Woman in Paris with Purple Scarf, József Rippl-Rónai, via Wikimedia Commons)