Give The Gift Of The Dish!


From the very beginning of this experiment in reader-supported online journalism, you asked us (in droves) if you could give a Dish subscription as a gift.

We couldn’t at first, but our partner Tinypass, our young, pioneering online meter partner, has now made it not just possible but very easy. We thought we’d launch the option just before Father’s Day because … well, we just got it finished (I’m not gonna lie) and we know Dishheads love sharing Dish posts with their ornery dads, or dads who think conservatism only means Fox News, or dads who keep emailing the latest conspiracy theory they got from their old high-school buddy, or dads who’d never dream of getting an online subscription to anything but might get addicted to the Dish on their iPad.

So don’t wait till Thanksgiving dinner to realize (again) that your dad still takes Sean Hannity seriously; get him reading the Dish and engaged in the real back and forth that goes on here every day. Then at least when he defends Hannity this fall, you’ll know Roger Ailes isn’t his only source of information about the world, and that he might even have seen another kind of conservatism worth thinking about. Give him one by clicking here.

howler beagleThe reason we’re focusing on dads this week, of course, is because of Sunday. We know that many of you, like me, haven’t gotten around to a gift yet – and this is one you can give in a matter of seconds, and has a lot more meaning than a new tie.

But the gifting option is here for ever and is meant for everyone and anyone you’d like to invite to the Dish’s conversation. That co-worker you keep forwarding posts to? The atheist friend who wants to read an honest debate about faith? The sibling who’d love the Window View contest – if only she were given a chance to get into it? The roommate who thinks gays are icky? Or just a friend you’d love to chat with about stuff in the Dish but who doesn’t read it yet?

Invite them into the debate – by giving them a gift.

We also know – because you’ve told us – that many of you would like to support the Dish more than you have. By far the best way to do that – apart from buying a subscription for yourself – is by helping us expand our reader base. After all, we have a fantastic marketing department, with a staff of 27,000, i.e. you. You know why you love the Dish better than any professional marketer, and you work for free, so give a gift to someone you care about and pen your own personal message to your friend/father/sibling/mom/son/daughter/co-worker, and see what happens. Give us a year and we’re confident we can addict your invitees to stay. But only you really know who’d get it, who’d love it, and who you’d like to share it with.

The reason this place is different is its passionate, devoted readership – and your willingness to share your ideas and experiences and perspectives every day. We’re asking you to think of a friend you’d like to be a part of this adventure. And welcome them aboard.