Beware The Oxymoron

You know, like “sponsored content” or “coercive interrogation.” I booked my Virgin Atlantic flight on a budget (now that I’m not earning a salary from blogging), and decided that I’d try a class called “Premium Economy.” It sounds like somewhere between coach and first class. What it actually means is they charge you almost as much as first class and treat you worse than coach. The check-in line was 20 minutes (in coach, it was around five); at security, you went to the back of the line; they turn you away at the lounge; and although Virgin Atlantic makes a big deal about offering wifi, none was available for more than six hours. When you’re a blogger, that’s not a good thing.

But I’m sipping tea and eating gluten-free toast and marmalade at my brother’s right now, so all is well.

Just get coach next time. Seriously.