The Rubber Duck Menace


Rubber Duck was devised by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman:

While something of a behemoth – measuring 10 metres wide, 11 long and 13 tall – the duck is friendly in appearance and has been stationed against the skylines of numerous cities since it first hatched from Hofman’s studio, with Auckland, Sydney and Sao Paulo among those to have enjoyed its company. It is currently bobbing around in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

Illegal copies of the art piece have been surfacing in other Chinese cities, rankling the state:

The fakes have been greeted with a dismayed editorial in newspaper the People’s Daily, which is generally held to be the press wing of the Chinese Communist Party. According to the column, the fake ducks provide the wider world with a poor impression of China’s efforts to create its own, original works. ‘The more yellow ducks are there, the further we are from Hofman’s anti-commercialisation spirit, and the more obvious is our weak creativity,’ the paper said. ‘It’s good that the rubber duck is popular, but it’s sad to see the innovation of our country go down. We often talk about awareness and confidence in our own culture, but where do they come from? Definitely not from following new trends.’ Fakery on this scale ‘will ruin our creativity and our future and lead to the loss of imagination’, it added.

More photo adventures with Rubber Duck here.

(Photo by Flickr user onebigfish)

(Hat tip: Core77)