The Best Of The Dish This Weekend


We interrupted our usual coverage to focus on the resurrection of the Green Movement in Iran. Emails from the country arrived in the in-tray; tweets and tweets poured in through the night of celebration; and we compiled the stunned reaction from across the blogosphere. Of course, if you’re a true Dishhead, the amazing emergence of Rouhani was not a complete surprise. Like the first uprising, we saw it coming. Only the neocons were dismayed.

Meanwhile, almost all of Obama’s core supporters bemoaned his awful decision to enmesh this country in a Muslim sectarian war in the Middle East; and Zbigniew Brzezinski told it like it is. My worry is that if Obama cannot stand up to Anthony Blinken, how is he going to fare against the European allies in Northern Ireland tomorrow?

The most popular post of the weekend was my cri de coeur on Obama’s betrayal of his own presidency (and the American people) on Syria; and this face of unbridled joy and hope. Perhaps best to focus on the good news rather than the ominous return to the Clinton-Bush era. One reader summed up Bill Clinton better than I could.

I’m off to visit my old high school in England tomorrow. But I’ll be blogging from Blighty as well.

See you in the morning.

(Photo of Rouhani supporters celebrating in the streets from Arash Ashoorinia’s Photography)