The Best Of The Dish Today

Today, the full impact of Iran’s election began to sink in. The dumb decision to get involved in the Syrian civil war didn’t look any less dumb a few days later, although some were actually hoping for mission creep. The New Yorker was caught doing sponsored content … in 1941.

If you’re a pop musician, luck plays a huge part in whether you can make a living and, as with so many other industries, the higher and higher rewards are increasingly going to fewer and fewer artists. If you’re a Syrian Christian, you’re probably rooting for Assad to hang in. If you’re Sarah Palin, you get to praise your own speech on Fox News as a host of a morning show. And if you’re Donald Trump, you can get Bill Clinton to show up for your third wedding. Oh, and welcome to the next Antarctica.

The most popular posts of the day were your reactions to Obama’s decision to join a new Middle East war; and my observation of how resilient the Christianist grip still is on the GOP, whatever the wonks are trying to tell you.

I spent a large part of the day at my old high school, debating with students, getting misty-eyed at sudden memories, and catching up with former teachers – of Latin and French. I’m a little too bewildered to write anything about it today …

… so I’ll see you in the morning.