The Best Of The Dish Today

In one of those strange confluences that sometimes occur on the Dish, suicide came up twice today – both Vice magazine’s disgusting attempt to get page-views out of fashion models dressed as famous women at the time of their deaths at their own hands – and a helpful study of the major actual causes of killing yourself – not a sudden impulse or cry for help, but unbearable and unrelenting emotional pain. I have to say that Stephen Fry’s confession of his own recent suicide attempt (see video above) is one of the more moving attempts to de-stigmatize bipolar disorder I have ever seen.

Bisexual readers added to the fascinating thread on whether they actually exist (yes they do!) and Dan Savage addressed ancient allegations that he is biphobic (no he isn’t!). Barack Obama’s face today was a study in conjugal love (and a certain resignation), and I posted the most effective defense of his Syrian straddle I’ve yet read – from a neocon Dishhead! Maybe I’ll be proven prematurely panicked … again.

Anyone who thought Bobby Jindal could ever be a serious political force for Republican reform got a reality check today: a near-parody of Rush Limbaugh.

The most popular posts today were my dismay at the resilient religious grip on the GOP (with a cameo from Sarah Palin), and the question of how effective bike helmets actually are, or aren’t. Obama’s Betrayal On Syria is now the second most popular post of the month.

See you in the morning …