The Best Of The Dish Today


At lunch with my closest high school friend today, Larkin’s poetry came up. He’s not a chap prone to strong emotion and yet he told me the poems had such an emotional effect on him he couldn’t even drive near Chichester without welling up in tears at the very thought of “An Arundel Tomb“. His father, on the other hand, brushed Larkin off as rubbish for the longest time until the poet’s last poem was published – after a long period of silence – and he accidentally read it. It was Aubade. His father was stunned. “That’s how I feel every morning,” he said.

We kicked off with Walt Whitman and ended with Lewis Carroll, with a little detour through A.A. Milne.

Senator Murkowski made the powerful conservative case for marriage equality. I regained a little confidence in Obama’s Syria policy and lost quite a deal in the secretary of state’s. More bisexual Dish readers discussed the nuances – and the dramas – between and among the genders and, er, a soldier’s wittle bunny wabbits!

The most popular post of the day was about whether Millennial voters give a damn about PRISM. The second most popular was a dissection of the most horrifying piece of crap written by a politician since … well probably last week, but still The most popular post of the last three months remains my screed against one of Peggy Noonan’s columns.

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