How Much Do Helmets Help? Ctd

A reader writes:

I can’t remember if I saw this on the Dish or somewhere else in my RSS feed, but it’s a pretty ingenious product from a Swedish company: An inflatable helmet that triggers based on the occurrence of an accident. Very cool. It’s rated at the same safety standards that the EU requires of traditional helmets. Seems to me that this is the kind of product that may help alleviate the behavioral issues suggested in your post.  You don’t “feel” like you are wearing a helmet.  Drivers don’t “know” you’re wearing a helmet.  But you have the safety without looking like a dweeb (which is why so many people opt out of helmets in the first place). At $600 bucks, it’s not ready for the everyday market, but hopefully they’ll manage to scale up with the financial backing they have received, so it becomes a practical investment.

By the way, in a little “life imitates art” moment, the entire concept was predicted in Snow Crash, the great cyberpunk novel by Neal Stephenson, back in 1992.