The Meaning Of Zombies

Do they represent terrorism, or consumerism?

Meanwhile, the release of the Brad Pitt blockbuster World War Z causes Michale Vlahos to consider the success of the novel and the meaning of zombie culture in general:

Like Tolstoy, the main purpose of World War Z is the celebration and reinforcement of collective meaning and belief. Tolstoy was building a narrative of Russian identity that would transcend the venality and ruling impoverishments of his time. He hoped it would show the way to something true and beautiful for all Russians. Max Brooks does this for us in World War Z, offering a believable path to reclaiming ourselves. For Americans this path has always been about sacrifice and the rediscovery of civic virtue. At novel’s end, those remaining Americans, whose way of life is now back to something like 1920, are yet better Americans for their privation and sacrifice.

But most important, the Americans in World War Z have cast off their former narcissism, today’s it’s-all-about-me mentality. The faux elective wars and their remorseless cheerleading too are over.