Quote For The Day

“On its side, the Obama Administration has the courts, the intelligence services, Congress, the diplomatic service, much of the media, and most of the American public. Snowden’s got Greenwald, a woman from Wikileaks, and a dodgy travel document from Ecuador. Which side are you on?” – John Cassidy.

I guess my response is that I am on the side of whistle-blowers who take a stand and face the consequences as an act of civil disobedience if they find something awry. I am on the side of journalists, like Glenn Greenwald, who are simply doing their job – informing us more about our government’s surveillance of us, in our name.

But I am more conflicted by a man who took his job in order to expose what he already believed was wrong, then ran away to seek refuge in authoritarian regimes with open hostility to the US.