There Is No Business Like Cannabisness

Reason interviews a DC Rabbi who is opening a medical cannabis dispensary about the challenges facing his business, despite its legality under local laws:

Meanwhile, Walter Hickey chats with Kayvan Khalatbari, the owner of the “second oldest marijuana dispensary in all of Colorado,” about the importance of well-established local regulations:

As far as federal intervention, we haven’t had any in Colorado because it is the most regulated. You look at a state like California, the reason they’ve had such issues is they have no framework. They’re not vertically integrated, they have no clue where this product comes from, and there’s no oversight to it. You’ve got people growing in their homes and in their backyards and selling to these centers, that’s why they’ve had all these raids, that’s why they’ve had all these issues, there’s very little oversight even on a local level. Here in Colorado, we’ve got the most regulated system in the world. The only intervention we’ve had federally has been through IRS audits, those have not been debilitating to businesses. …

The other way they’ve gotten involved is by sending letters to places within a thousand feet of schools. While in California where they go in and raid these places, what they say in the letter is you have 45 days to move to another location. That’s the feds playing nice. In other states — Massachusetts, New York, Illinois — they’re going to be even more regulated than Colorado. I think that we can expect — hopefully, knock on wood — they’re going to to be pretty left alone.