The Best Of The Dish This Weekend

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Gay pride waxed this weekend, despite the greatest actor in the world’s threat to gay-bash someone by anally raping him with his boot. (Don’t worry, GLAAD has forgiven him). But the Sunday joy in New York and San Francisco was overwhelmed by the massive demonstrations in Cairo against the Muslim Brotherhood government. The Christianity of “redneck” Duck Dynasty proved far more Jesus-like than the Christianism often associated with the South (but not defining of it); and we noted the difference between “friending” acquaintances and actual friends. And the inimitable Maria Popova pondered George Washington at the age of 15.

The most popular posts of the last three days were on Arec Baldwin’s violent homophobia; and Tammy Duckworth’s classic takedown of a disability scam. Seriously, a politician at her best. The most popular post of the last week remains “David Gregory Is What’s Wrong With Washington.” It seems to have struck a chord. Peeps seem to dislike him even more than Peggy Noonan.

I write this with Provincetown in the distance – and hope to arrive there tonight. It’s been almost a month without a husband or two hound dogs. I need a fix.

See you tomorrow.