The Best Of The Dish Today


Egypt reeled on the verge of a popular-supported threatened coup by the military to end the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. We compiled, as we have done in the past, the tweets of change – as the revolution happened. I refused to forgive Alec Baldwin as a wannabe gay-basher and Bill Clinton as a public figure. As we promised, we provided as much transparency as possible on how well the Dish is faring as an independent media company, supported only by readers (who gave us our single best day in subscriptions since April); and we re-read Forster in the wake of Windsor.

The four most popular posts were all about Alec Baldwin’s boot.

See you in the morning.

(Photo: Nineteen American flags hang on a fence outside of the Granite Mountain Hotshot Fire Station 7 in Prescott, Arizona on July 1, 2013. Reinforcements poured in Monday to battle a runaway wildfire that quadrupled in size overnight after killing 19 firefighters in one of the worst such incidents in US history. The Yarnell Hill fire – which killed all but one member of a 20-strong ‘hotshot’ team – was the biggest loss of firefighters’ lives since the September 11 attacks, and the most from a US wildfire in 80 years. By Krista Kennell/AFP/Getty Images)