What’s Left Of The Left? Ctd

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A reader writes:

Simple question: How many American liberals, especially the knee-jerk doctrinaire folks, have ever googled “European abortion laws” and spent more than five minutes researching the results? I’m constantly gobsmacked by the vehemence of pro-choice left in this country, and the support they receive from traditional media.  If anything, I’d draw a direct parallel between them and the right-wing pro-gun crowd. Yes, some slopes are slippery on occasion, but those two sects seem to live in a world where anything and everything ends in tyranny, patriarchy, powerlessness, damnation, or worse. Whatever happened to legitimate compromise on fundamental social issues?

Another quotes a previous reader:

Obama is clearly no leftist. In the last five years, which might as well be the last 20, I find it very difficult to find even a single issue where I – a dyed in the wool, Greenpeace-supporting, union-dues-paying leftist – can look at the actions of the Democratic party and applaud.

And I say THANK GOD!

The sentiments expressed by this reader were killing the Democratic party and needed to go. I find it odd that this reader takes Obama to task as no leftist, and yet we now have near-universal healthcare in this country, a goal of liberals for close to 70 years.  This reader honestly doesn’t applaud that?

The problem with this kind of thinking is it is so enamoured of itself and its righteousness that it can’t get out of its own way to actaully change something – hell, anything. Clinton had the good fortune of presiding over a booming economy and his centrist ways allowed him to not fuck it up. Obama has presided over a terrible economy against the ruthless liars and fools that make up the GOP today, and yet his centrist ways have allowed him to effect more change than any Democratic president in recent memory that I can think of.