Everyone In Egypt Needs A Voice

Pro-Morsi Supporters Killed In Shooting Incident Outside Presidential Guard Barracks

Steve Negus wants Egypt to adopt a parliamentary system:

The new electoral law should increase incentives for compromise, for example, by increasing the power of parliament and of the prime minister over that of the president. Parliamentary systems are better for encouraging negotiation and limiting the ‘winner takes all’ mentality that is so risky in democratic transitions, and if political rules are being revisited, the parliamentary model is one that should seriously be considered. A blocked political order in which temporary winners exclude their opponents is one that the last two years have shown us the importance of avoiding.

Laura Dean hopes that the Muslim Brotherhood will be given a place at the table:

As we have seen time and again in this part of the world, it is impossible to stamp out ideas by censoring them. In so doing you only push them underground and legitimize their most radical elements. Even the Brotherhood spokesman, Wael el Karim, who is more diplomatic than most said, “Now we see the only path to power in Egypt is by force.” Only by bringing them into the political fold and treating them like the political losers that they are, rather than like criminals, which they are not, can that rift be healed and can they begin to develop into the mainstream political player, among many players, that they could be.

My fear is that the army just overplayed its hand – and made all this far more difficult. This video (featured in our Tweet reax earlier) is the most dispositive I’ve seen yet: a soldier just picking off civilians from a rooftop as if he is hunting for game. Then this:

Dish coverage of this possible turning point in Arab history here, tweet reax here, expert analysis here, and the Arab world’s response here. Stay tuned for updates.

(Photo: A man reacts after seeing the body of a slain protester at the Liltaqmeen al-Sahy Hospital in Cairo’s Nasr City district, allegedly killed during a shooting at the site of a pro-Morsi sit-in in front of the headquarters of the Egyptian Republican Guard on July 8, 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. By Ed Giles/Getty.)