Spreading The Link Love


A reader writes:

Regarding the disproportionate traffic the Dish sends to other sites versus traffic sent to the Dish from elsewhere, I’m quite sure the vast majority of your readers behave like me: the Dish is the first, middle, and last thing I engage on the web on a daily basis. I stop in first thing to see what’s going on, then move on to other sites. I check it to see what your editors have updated, then review the review as I wind down. So please don’t be discouraged about the relative lack of traffic reciprocity, because for me and most other readers, the Dish is the summit of our daily web and everything else is downhill from here.

I’m proud to support your pioneering efforts via the only method that truly supports your enterprise: subscription.

Cheers. I guess that may have come off as whining. It isn’t. We benefit from linking to others, many of our posts are curated or aggregated, making them less linkable by others, and we understand that we’re thereby becoming more of a web-hub than an occasional destination. That’s our goal. I just thought the stats might interest readers; and we’re all about transparency here.

And of course, our reader is right. We love links but our only source of income is subscriptions, making us less likely to give you ADD pageview mania and more likely to give you a high signal-to-noise, calm and balanced guide to the web conversation. Join our reader by subscribing [tinypass_offer text=”here”]. I know it can be a hassle in the office, but if you value what the Dish does with so few people every day and hour of the week and weekend, just get your credit card from your wallet or pocket or purse and [tinypass_offer text=”take two minutes”] to pay less than $2 a month to keep us alive.

And if you are already a subscriber, you can support us further by getting a gift subscription for a friend, family member, or just someone you want to offend with a photo of a scrotum at 8.02 am. And, yes, you’re welcome. Where else?