Hathos Alert

Kimber Streams digs up a gem:

In this clip from “Lost Without a Compass,” a promotional video by The 700 Club (part of the Christian Broadcasting Network) from 1993, the group cautions against the evil and dangerous occult practices of Dungeons & Dragons players. The full two-hour broadcast is also available to view, and the Dungeons & Dragons clip begins around 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

Update from a reader:

Boy, that clip sure brought me back. In the late 1980s I was a nerdy D&D-er. My single mom (a smart, progressive Charismatic Catholic) and other parents in our church had the bejesus scared out of them by a D&D smear-and-fear piece produced by pre-scandal Jim Bakker, then of the 700 Club.

Our church was a pretty loose place: we had an informal folk group, a brother everyone called Bro’ Chuck (who later left the church, moved to San Francisco and came out – I kid you not), and met in a small convention hall. To their great credit, they didn’t ban D&D or buy into the fundies’ garbage. Instead, they organized a meeting of parents and priests at which I and a fellow D&Der explained the game, the rules, the details of play, and – most importantly – responded to Bakker’s specific allegations. After about two hours, parents and priests alike concluded that Jim Bakker was full of shit, we were good kids who knew right from wrong and good from evil, and the fundies were liars.

It was a powerful lesson for a couple of teenagers – and our parents and priests – that the fundies were more concerned with keep people scared and donating than anything else. Thanks for the memory!