Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3

Man, the Dish has been a downer lately because of, you know, the news. So herewith a small summary of bright spots:

1. We may have cured heart disease.

2. We may have cured AIDS.

3. You can now adjust your own glasses to fit your eyesight. (Sorry, opticians! You’re the travel agents of now.)

4. The chimps are being freed!

5. The New PSB album, Electric, is imminent. Money quote:

Electric‘s centrepiece, Love is a Bourgeois Construct, is funny and knowingly clever – it’s inspired by a line in David Lodge’s novel Nice Work, features references to Karl Marx and Tony Benn and uses the word “schadenfreude” and a musical lift from the 1691 opera King Arthur – as well as insanely danceable and heartbreaking. Even the cheerily belittling cab driver of Your Early Stuff might be forced to concede it’s one of the greatest songs of their three-decade career.