Cool Ad Watch

A reader writes:

I’ve been following your long-term coverage of the NFL’s head-injury scandal with a great deal of interest. I played football in high school and it remains the only major sport I enjoy watching. But I definitely feel conflicted, if not downright guilty, about it now. How could one enjoy watching the slow, agonizing destruction of human minds?

Anyway, I suspect that Reebok has just released a device that could kill the sport dead. It’s an impact sensor for the head which can be worn under a helmet and records the number of hits at different intensities. It even has a flashing indicator recommending for players to be removed after enough dramatic hits. Here’s the product page and [above] is Youtube video describing how the thing works.

The impression I get is that a few NFL players wearing these things is going to create enough horrific data to precipitate a crisis for the game and those who are profiting from hiding the truth about football head injuries. I’d be interested in what the interested actors have to say about this thing. Will it be legal to wear in games? Will team doctors make use of them? Will players be removed from play if their indicator is going off?