The Best Of The Dish This Weekend


Do elephants have souls? If you doubt it, read and watch here. The three essential types of prayer? Here. When Christians were evangelical , stoned and sweet,  here. On NSFW Saturday, we explored the first erotic novel, and a damning, revelatory film about the ugly side of the Rolling Stones.

My single favorite post was a quote from Carl Sagan, that stoner mystic and sage. This portrait of a cat will not give you LOLs.

For the first time ever, a poem, The Peace Of Wild Things, was the most popular post of the day, which gives me an opportunity to thank our amazing poetry editor, Alice Quinn, for the way she’s helped us bring poetry into the recipe for dishness. Poetry may change nothing, but it can make everything bearable. It even beat out this revealing discussion of the propaganda techniques of Fox News.

I’m still grieving Norma, but I know she’d be loving Bear Week in Ptown, which just kicked off. With thousands of beefy, big, hairy bearded dudes all around, I feel like a puppy in a barrel of squirrels.

See you in the morning.

(Photo by Flickr user blinkingidiot.)